Surrounded by 500,000 liters of water, we meet about 3,000 amazing creatures, some native and others from exotic locations. Among reefs and through a perfect recreation of the sea shores, you can observe the species that live near the Mediterranean coast. The tour will lead you to the home of the stripes. An even more direct contact with animals is experienced in the “Interactive Zone” where you can hold a starfish, tomatoes and other curious marine species. After this experience, we continue the journey to reach a large underwater tunnel that immerse us in a huge tank with 250,000 gallons of capacity and become an exceptional vantage point from which we will observe Turtle Reef, and in which we walk literally surrounded by many species of sharks, some over two meters in length. From the depths of the seas will emerge surrounded by a myriad of tropical spectacular colors and striking forms, to get into the hidden paradise of Amazonia. Waterfalls and vines you can check the appetite so voracious that they enjoy the piranhas, able to eat the largest animal in a few minutos.

SEA LIFE is not just a leisure and education place, but all its components brings together the research and conservation. The centre carries out various programs for breeding in captivity. In addition, each year through its SOS programs, the European Network of SEA LIFE Centres flag a campaign in the areas of conservation, marine research and rescue. The achievements so far include pioneering programs of reproduction and influential presentation of petitions to the EU. In their eagerness to approach marine biodiversity, and become aware of the need to cooperate in their protection, since last year, SEA LIFE provides an opportunity to meet the Green Turtle.

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