Who does not like to stroll along the promenade, enjoying the fresh air, hear the waves crashing against the shore and rocks, enjoying a long walk? …

Now it is possible here on the Costa del Sol, specifically on the coast of Mijas.
The first stretch of the coastal path of Mijas has been finished, a stretch of almost six kilometers between La Cala Mijas and Calahonda. The project was promoted by the Council of Málaga and its objective was to connect the 180 km of Málaga coast.
The current pathway of Mijas is a wooden path alternating with vials with packed earth so the cleaning and emergency vehicles can access the path.

All the promenade runs parallel to the sea, with a wide path (between four and six meters wide) with space for pedestrians and cyclists, with access to the beaches and their different levels, some higher and others at ground level, it is an easy and pleasant way for all people of all ages, regardless of whether you are simply walking or practicing sport.

No doubt, the path of Mijas offers spectacular walks.

  • marti

    Shame we cant use our green cycle transport! the path is only for walking and the only people using it would be locals. waste of money and time, no business is going to benefit by local people alone.
    when its all finished in the future some parts you will be able to cycle then you would have to push your bike for 4 kilometers to pass this stretch of path. unless you get to this path at specific times of the day.
    if you are two minutes late then you will have a fine of that will no doubt ruin your day or your holiday. well done the planning department for la cala.

  • Beatriz

    Sin duda lino de los puntos más atractivos del área. Precioso.

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