Are planning your vacation? Your mobile can be a great ally in finding travel guides, maps, information on public transportation and much more … Here is our selection of the 10 best applications you should install on your Smartphone before you go on a trip.

Mobile applicationsTouristEye- Aplication through which you can access the recommendations and ratings from other travelers. You can enter your own travel details such as city, start date, end date of your trip, take pictures and send messages. Once entered the city, you will receive information about demographic, sports, economics, geography, history. You also received a list of the most significant places and add them to the city map, read reviews, etc.

Foodspotting- This app is designed for all food lovers and for those who want to find great places to eat besides McDonald’s and Pizza Hut.

Tourist language learn and speak- This application includes the most common phrases used when traveling abroad. It is currently available in Spanish, Polish, German, French, Italian, Chinese and Japanese.

Kayak-With this app you access the best deals on flights, car, bus, train, etc.

WeatherPro- Provides information on the current weather conditions and allows you to see what will the weather be like in the coming days.

XE Currency- It is intended for those people who travel a lot: It gives you information on the value of the currency of each country.

TravelSafe Pro- It gathers all emergency telephones in each destination, both the police and firemen as well as the medical emergency numbers. You can access the app even without internet connection and is available in 12 languages.

Expensify- Save information on your expenses  in your pocket in the invoice format. The app also lets you create graphics.

HopStop- Provides information of public transport in many cities in the United States, Canada and Europe. It covers transport like bus, metro, train, tram, trolley, ferry, taxi.

CamTranslator- With this app you can capture a word on any poster, translate it. The app recognizes the word and gives you the translation into our language. The source language is automatically detected and the target language can be choosen from 54 options.

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