1. Playa de Levante

At over 2 kilometres long, it is one of the most popular urban beaches in the whole of Europe. And most of the fashionable nightclubs are concentrated on its extensive promenade. In addition, you can do many water sports in its waters.

2. Playa de Poniente

It stands out for its crescent shape and fine sand. It has a family-friendly atmosphere and is perfect to spend a quiet afternoon. Poniente Beach is a good place to watch the sunset, practically at any time of the year. Like Levante beach, it is equipped with all the necessary services and also has a play area for children.

3. Playa del Mal Pas

Located between the two beaches mentioned above, Mal Pas Beach has a calm atmosphere and is very close to the port of Benidorm and the Canfali point. Right at this location you will find the most famous viewpoint in the town (a pristine white on the Mediterranean). Do not miss the incredible views it offers of the islet of Benidorm.

4. Cala del Tío Ximo

This cove is one of those little secrets shouted out loud. Located at the foot of the Sierra Helada natural park, it is your best option if you are looking for privacy and tranquillity. It stands out for its seabed, so it will not be unusual for you to come across people snorkelling in its waters.

5. Cala Almadrava

Just under a kilometre away from the previous cove, there is this other small beach about 100 meters long. The path between the two is covered in about 10 minutes on foot, so it may be a good option to discover both on the same day. Relaxation and rest are guaranteed in this cove with rocks and fine sand.

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