Last August, the Deputy Mayor and Councilor for Commerce of Torremolinos, Maribel Tocón; the director of the All Stars Group, María Asenjo; and the director of the Hotel Pez Espada, Francisco Ruano, met to present the All Stars Red Jacket to the executive chef of the Hotel Pez Espada, Sebas Pérez. It is a recognition that highlights the excellent level of the kitchens of the hotels in the city and is given to those kitchen professionals who stand out in the quality they offer.

Grupo All Stars has chosen the Hotel Pez Espada in Torremolinos as a symbol of its work and promotion strategy because it was a pioneer in the world in articulating an excellent gastronomic and cocktail space six decades ago. “It is an iconic hotel for modern international tourism that started after World War II because of the ability it had, more than sixty years ago, to unite excellence, cosmopolitan spirit and glamour, preserving the essence, spirit and flavour of Malaga with its products that its illustrious visitors tasted ”, highlighted Grupo All Stars.

According to the association, the Pez Espada after the reform recently carried out is an emblematic setting that gives visibility to the innovation capacity of the Food and Beverage area (Food & Beverage F&B) of the hotels on the Costa del Sol. Its restaurants, bars or grills symbolized the golden gastronomic era for hotels that must return in these moments of reinvention of Tourism after the pandemic.

“Torremolinos is tourism, and within that rich sector in which our city lives, gastronomy has become a fundamental pillar and an example of this is the excellent cuisine at the Hotel Pez Espada. We are very happy for this more than deserved recognition”, stated Maribel Tocón.

For her part, María Asenjo declared that the promotion of excellent gastronomy in the hotels of the Costa del Sol will constitute one of the main lines of work for Grupo All Stars in 2022. As a first advance of the strategic line of work, it has delivered the red jacket to Sebas Pérez, assuring that “the golden age of gastronomy in luxury hotels of the 60s and 70s must return to the Costa del Sol.”

At MedPlaya Hotels we are very proud of the great work carried out by the team throughout all these years, and we congratulate especially Sebas Pérez for his tireless dedication and commitment. The Hotel Pez Espada will continue to seek excellence to offer clients the best service in Torremolinos.