Tossa de Mar, a town known by all for its paradisiacal beaches and its incredible wall, has a great history. To learn about its origin we must travel 6,000 years back, to the Neolithic. From that time we can still find dolmens, menhirs and utensils made of stone and ceramics.

It was esssentially after the year 100 when the Romans began to populate Tossa de Mar, formerly known as Turissa. One of its villas, Villa Romana dels Ametllers, was located right in the center of the town and can be visited today. This villa was built between the first century BC. and the sixth century, and is the largest Roman site in the area.

The castle of Tossa de Mar dates approximately from 1186, when it appears for the first time in writing. It should also be noted that, the current location of the lighthouse that watches the ocean, was many years ago a medieval watch tower to keep the town safe.

Without a doubt, Tossa de Mar is a town full of history and much to tell, which, combined with its spectacular beaches make the city a must.