The origin of paella goes back to its main ingredient: rice. It came to Europe from Asia around 330 BC and then took a long trip to reach the Spanish eastern coast. The container for preparing paella called patella is older than the dish itself and dates back to the time of the occupation of Spain by the Roman Empire.

PaellaThe name paella proceeds from the container in which the dish is cooked. The Valencian word paella means frying pan and has been introduced to Valencia from the French language in the late sixteenth century. The word paella was synonymum of “Valencian rice” as a Valencian dish from 1900.

The paella, being of the Valencian origin, has become a popular dish eaten throughout the Spanish territory. The paella recipes have continued to adapt to local ingredients and their evolution gave birth to new and interesting recipes. And what’s your favorite recipe for paella?

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