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The person who named this area of the Mediterranean the “Costa Brava” was a poet inspired by the image of the waves ramming the rocks. This constant crashing and splashing has created, through the years, a wonderful coastal landscape of white and sandy beaches, completed with little coves and cosy smaller beaches. If you are travelling in the area, do not miss these 5 sites for a complete “Costa Brava experience”, going beyond the clichés and discovering new places and things to do.

A beach: Aigua-Xelida
We recommend visiting a small hidden beach called Aigua-Xelida, where you will find white sand and clear waters. It is surrounded by little coves, ideal places for swimming and fishing.

A city: The capital, Girona
Girona is the capital of the area, you can get there by train from Barcelona, it will take youjust about an hour (or 38 minutes on the high speed train). Even when planning a beach holiday, visiting this city is a must: the Old Town, the Jewish Quarter, the cathedral, the narrow labyrinth of streets… The magic consists in getting lost in them.

Girona Costa Brava Medplaya

A museum: The Dalí Museum
Salvador Dalí was born in Figueres, a city where he decided to create his museum, in what used to be a theatre. It is the greatest surrealist object in the world. Our recommendation is to go there with time enough to enjoy each and everyone of the pieces that you will find there.

A restaurant: in Begur
In the beautiful coastal town of Begur, there are a good number of small and highly recommended restaurants. This is a nice town where you can eat typical local dishes such as black rice, but with a sophisticated touch and an affordable price.

A town: Cadaqués
One of the good things about the Costa Brava is that its original appearance has been respected because, unlike other coastal areas, the Costa Brava has grown slowly to maintain its genuine landscape. That’s why you can still find towns that preserve its seafront charm. One of them is Cadaqués, which is located behind a long winding road and offers its visitors beaches, restaurants and night life, all in a peaceful environment. Not surprisingly, this was one of Salvador Dalí’s favourite spots.

Cadaques Medplaya Costa Brava

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