Fish, meat, seafood, vegetables, noodles, fruits, vegetables … there are so many different ingredients and dishes that make up the traditional Andalusian cuisine … And today we want to present you the Top 10 dishes of the Andalusian cuisine.

  1. Gazpacho: This tasty dish made from tomato, cucumber, pepper, garlic, vinegar and oil is one of the essential food of Andalusian cuisine.
  2. Fried fish: it’s a dish easy to prepare. It can be made of anchovies, plaice, cuttlefish pijotas or taken directly from the sea to the table.pescaito-frito
  3. Stew: a tasty chicken broth with much relish. Usually it served with fine noodles, and usually prepared especially during the winter.
  4. Meat with tomatoes: made from pork and tomatoes, this is a traditional and easy recipe.
  5. Noodles with Shrimps: Huelva white prawns are a delight impossible to find anywhere else on the planet. They can be eaten alone or as part of a meal along with a mild tomato sauce and thick noodles.
  6. Andalusian crumbs: are prepared leftover bread from the previous day. The dish takes bacon and sausage, is a typical dish of.
  7. Cuttlefish with potatoes (dish from Cádiz): again, the taste of the sea is the protagonist here. Onion, pepper, cuttlefish and potatoes are the basis of this traditional stew.
  8. Tuna and onions: a lot of onions, a generous splash of white wine and fresh tuna is everything you need to work it.
  9. Pestiños: in the best Andalusian recipes could not miss this sweet typical christmas, consisting of a honey-coated crispy dough.pestinos_miell
  10. Torrijas: typical of Easter, there are two varieties of toast, milk and wine.

All these dishes are simple and taste delicious. Which one is your favorite?

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