We have all marked February 14th, Valentine’s Day, on our calendars. If you are lucky enough to be in Spain on that date or you are planning a very special gift that includes a trip to Spain, we recommend these 5 places to spend a wonderfully romantic Valentine’s Day that you will surely never forget.

1 –  Girona 

According to “European Best DestinationGirona is the second most romantic destination in Europe (and the first Spanish city to appear on the list). The capital of the Costa Brava has an old town that doesn’t leave anyone indifferent: in the jewish quarter with its small streets, the imperious cathedral stands out creating a unique skyline, next to the several bridges that cross the city. Visiting this city it is unavoidable to think about Florence, and in fact, the province of Girona is often called “the Spanish Tuscany”

TOP 5 for Valentine’s Day The most romantic places in Spain Girona

By the way, even the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg visited Girona when he came to Barcelona in 2014.

zuckerbergk Girona

Picture from www.girona.cat. Author: Aniol Rescoldsa

2 – Sevilla

The other city mentioned by “European Best Destinations” is the beautiful Andalusian capital: Sevilla. Its warm halo causes an immediate infatuation for both the city and its people. Art of Muslim origin imbues the whole city. The Andalusian manners, their music and gastronomy are everywhere.

TOP 5 for Valentine’s Day The most romantic places in Spain Seville

3 – Barcelona

Barcelona moves you, even if you live there or if you are just a visitor. Its many different sides, the magic of each neighborhood, the monuments, the sea, the atmosphere … Gaudí, the standard-bearer of modernist architecture, wanted to translate one thing into his works: the light of the Mediterranean. If you can, go to Barcelona and enjoy the experience.

TOP 5 for Valentine’s Day The most romantic places in Spain Barcelona

4 – Galicia

The Atlantic climate, its greenness, its freshness, its villages, its forests, its legends … If you like Celtic culture you can not miss this region in Spain. The warmth of the Galicians and their famous gastronomy will make you feel more than welcome. And, to mention a specific place, you have to visit the “Playa de las Catedrales” in the village of Ribadeo, a masterpiece of nature.

5 – Granada

Finally, Granada. Another Andalusian city that must be visited someday. The land of Lorca and the Alhambra. If you have the opportunity to go, you will fall in love with the views of Albaicín and  the Sacromonte.

TOP 5 for Valentine’s Day The most romantic places in Spain Granada

Image’s source: Eleazar (Flickr)