Torremolinos gets dressed in the gala dress on these special days to celebrate Torremolinos Fair 2013 (commencing on September 29) and on this occasion invites locals and visitors to participate in the explosion of joy and colors in the streets of downtown and the fairgrounds and the veneration of the image of St. Michael the Archangel, patron of municipality, during the pilgrimage and procession of international character.

feria-torremolinos-2013The cosmopolitanism of the city and and open character of tourism are evident in these days, where we have the opportunity to show all the virtues of Torremolinos, supporting the deep-rooted traditions, inherited from generation to generation and our mentality to keep fighting for a promising future, to all those who want to share the festivities with us where the good atmosphere is guaranteed.

From these lines we welcome you and invite you to come to Torremolinos at this time and enjoy the fair.

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