Don’t be afraid to travel with your baby! Travelling as a family can be a wonderful experience for both parents and children. The key? Good planning and organization of your trip. That is why we bring you today a series of recommendations to make your trip with small children perfect.

Family friendly hotels

Choosing a family-friendly hotel is a good start to ensure you have a perfect trip. If you want to enjoy a quiet and carefree family vacation, MedPlaya hotels are a safe haven. Most of our accommodations have areas and facilities specially designed for babies and children. These can be identified by their MedPlaya Family badge and ensure spacious rooms with cribs available, the KidsClub where there is a large team of qualified instructors and play areas in all the pools where children can enjoy the water safely.

medplaya hotel familias bebes

Flying by plane

One of the biggest challenges for parents with young children is when taking the plane. First of all, make sure that the airline allows you to travel with children under the age of two years old, although most of them do. Some of them even provide special seats, as sometimes it is not allowed to bring trolleys or baby seats into the cabin and they must be checked in.

It should be emphasised that the EU introduced an essential requirement a few years ago that prevents parents from affixing the identity of minors to their passports. Now each individual, regardless of their age, must have their own passport or ID card with a photo in order to be able to fly either nationally or internationally, which must also be presented at the check-in point in the presence of both parents or with a written authorisation if one of them is not present.

During the flight, it is especially advisable to keep your baby awake during takeoff and landing to avoid ear problems due to sudden changes in pressure. It also of help that he/she drinks water or has the pacifier in his or her mouth.

What shall I put in the suitcase?

You have already decided on your accommodation, your flights are booked and one of your most critical moment is coming… Pack your bags. The best advice? Prioritize. Prioritize things your baby will need at the destination (such as a stroller), and don’t buy everyday things that you can buy wherever you go (if you go for ten days, don’t wear diapers for ten days, take three days and buy more diapers during the trip).

Even if a baby seems to be limited, he or she also usually brings something very good with him or her: it slows down the pace of the journey. Slower travel makes each of the activities more enjoyable, whether it’s in the hotel pool, on the beach or in a leisurely stroll… With a baby, it’s easier to focus on quality than quantity. You may do five things instead of ten, but you’ll enjoy those five things twice as much. Slow travel in its purest form.