Did you know that Rincón de la Victoria (municipality located 12 km  from Málaga) has one of the most unique caves of marine origin known in the world? It is unique of its kind on the European continent, the other two were discovered in Asia and Central America. Cueva del Tesoro Rincón de la Victoria The sea formed typical submarine caves galleries with columns and gorges that are the foundation of the Treasure Cave. Later, after the area emerged above the sea, fresh water filtrations were forming stalactites and stalagmites, cave created from land erosion and fresh water. The treasure cave is mostly known for the legend that surrounds it, about the existence of a treasure hidden in one of its caves during the Arabic period. This tradition is reflected in the writings of Fray Antonio Agustín de Milla and Suazo, dated back to the 17th century. The treasure was hidden by the Emperor of the Almoravids Tasufin ibn Ali in the twelfth century.

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