How many times have you returned home after an amazing trip, have you reviewed the photos and checked that they are not what you expected? One? Three? After each and every one of your trips? It’s frustrating. That’s why today we’ll tell you some tricks to take the best pictures of your travels.

Look at the light

The professional photographers can try to solve the problems of light configuring their cameras but if this is not the case, keep in mind that at the time of taking a photo that you are with your back to the sun.

Take advantage of the morning, afternoon and cloudy days, although it does not seem so is when the best photos come out. When the sun is at its brightest, shadows are created that make your face appear in the photos half white and half dark.


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Be creative

Sometimes capturing a particular detail is better than trying to photograph an entire landscape.


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If you can’t beat them, join them!

Who says you can’t take awesome pictures with people in front of you, just put a little creativity.


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And if it rains… take advantage of it too!

For many people rain is not a problem to take cool photos, you can take advantage of the rain through a glass or the reflection of a puddle to make even more original photos.

Our last advice… a lot of patience!

One of the tips of great photographers is to be patient, if you go shooting anything without putting interest in making a perfect picture, you will have thousands of poor quality photos.


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