Verdiales are a festive manifestation of peasant origin and socio- musical nature originated in a certain geographical points in the province of Málaga. It consists of a particular fandango sung and danced to the accompaniment of a small orchestra.

verdiales festivalMálaga City Council starts the procedure and shall complete all necessary to request the inclusion of Verdiales as Intangible Cultural Heritage. In this sense, the initiative states that Verdiales is a tradition and oral expression including singing as a vehicle of this heritage, it is an art show whose use is social, ritual and festive and is transmitted from generation to generation.

Their inclusion will help to instill a sense of identity and continuity, which achieves to share an expression that has evolved in response to the environment, by providing a creativity that has been built, developed and transmitted from generation to generation, from the family to the rest of the community.

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    Felicitaciones por promover este tipo cultura que muy poco en el mundo tenemos en cuenta de las maravillas que existe en otro lugares del globo terraquio y dando a conocer la tradicion que es inportante saludos:

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