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  • GeeGee Parrot

    Ah yes.. the Costa del Sol.. I lived there from the late 60’s until the very early 80’s. When I first built up in the hills behind Fuengirola, there was ONE set of traffic lights on the road between Torremolinos and Marbella!

    An old aquaintance of mine (Connie Lesley) lived in Torremolinos in the 50’s, she had a baby Palm tree in her garden.. it is now the big one in the centre of the town!

    Does Lee Setomer still have his Baseball Diamond and invite the American Sailors up to play his local team?

    Harry Hubert, who moved to Calle Medina, Fuengirola on whom James Mitchener based his famous bar Los Alamos in his novel ‘The Drifters’ on is dead..

    So much has changed.. but it will always be ‘THE’ Costa del Sol.

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