Although some might think that Tarragona is just another beach destination, hidden in this city are more than 2.200 years of history, and it was declared a World Heritage Site in 2000.

Tarragona, or Tarraco, as it was historically known, is a city of Roman origin, full of monuments of that time camouflaged between buildings of contemporary construction. Although it may seem almost impossible, the Roman amphitheatre, still in good condition, had a capacity of up to 30 thousand people. If you visit with a guide, you will learn all about the Roman traditions and the atmosphere of the place when it was the capital of the Roman Empire. Without a doubt, it is a tour worthy of a visit.

We also recommend a walk around the fishermen’s neighborhood of El Serrallo, where you will find many bars and restaurants where you can sit facing incredible views to the sea, or enjoy a good plate of fresh fish on their terraces.

And, of course, we can’t forget that Tarragona is very close to the famous amusement park Port Aventura World, which from this year also includes Ferrari Land.

Without a doubt, Tarragona deserves a visit to discover everything it offers: history, beaches, leisure and fun for everyone. Do not miss it!